Thank you for enabling us to donate $1 from each sale to  beyondblue  for over a year now!

Thank you for enabling us to donate $1 from each sale to beyondblue for over a year now!

Beauty is a complex, elusive and debilitating concept. Too often it is tied to perfection, and advanced through mass-production. A machine can emulate character, but it cannot inject a personality. It is the role of the designer to be human and make mistakes. Mistakes that turn into glitches and later grow into stories. Every scratch, line, lump and bump. Every accidental mix of colour, every rogue speck, every foreign fragment has a story and contributes to the overall image. We try to embrace our flaws and take pride in everything we do.

Honesty is the aesthetic we strive for.

Our Story

Claire Quirk and Daniel van Schaik founded their multidisciplinary design firm in the summer of 2015 alongside finishing individual Master’s degrees  in Fashion and Architecture. Claire has completed a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) with Distinction at The Royal Institute of Technology in Melbourne in 2014 whilst Daniel, a sculptor and apprentice carpenter, was awarded Dux of his Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management at the same university in 2012.

Combining skills and experience from working in the diverse fields of building, fashion, architecture, illustration, painting and graphic design, the two began their creative collaboration by producing large scale abstract and experimental paintings on wooden boards of varying shapes and dimensions. Constantly searching for new materials to experiment with, Clan Collective’s projects have spanned across the areas of furniture design, animation, apparel design and fine art. The duo have produced silk scarves featuring their prints as well as casual cotton tees, and have constructed tabletops and hall stands made with exquisite hand stained timber. Predominantly working with fluid mediums such as ink, acrylic paint and resin, the duo’s preferences exist within the areas of changeable components that have a tendency to choose their own paths. The result is always something unusual, organic and unexpected. Intensively studying colour theory during her Bachelor’s degree for three years, Claire’s interests lie in expressing elements of nature through colour, and formulating colour palettes inspired by fashion and interiors to use within Clan Collective’s work. Daniel’s expertise in building has allowed for the duo to construct unique canvases and wooden platforms for their work. 

Clan Collective offers a unique and diverse range of aesthetics throughout their body of work, embracing dark and sombre modes of expression as well as feminine, soft and light tones. The two engage in studies of the human psyche, and examine how human behavior can be influenced through material objects and environments. The project that is Clan Collective embodies Claire and Daniel’s joint passion for hard work, ongoing development and endless discovery.